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Azucar!! Bridging the Gap

I find the Black Americans and the Afro Latinos struggles meeting in the middle. A vibrant people all around; a people so creative and innovative, that through us, we shape the very entertainment industry, yet face discrimination, injustice and we do not receive the credit that is due to us for effecting the world through our music, our dance, our fashion, our inventions and our overall being. We are the invisible movers and shakers of the world.

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The #BlackWomynMatter Manifesto for the Black Latina

For centuries Black womyn have been at the forefront of carrying, protecting, securing and fighting for the security, liberation and equality of our people. From the countless queens and village priestesses of the Continent to Harriet Tubman, Angela Davis, Sister Souljah and Bree Newsome, doing it all, doing it well and often doing it alone is nothing new to us. We naturally respond to the injustices that we ourselves and that other members of our respective communities face with fearless determination. We hold a legacy of undeniable greatness and perseverance. We are said to make it look so easy it seems like magic; Black Girl Magic. But few truly know what we must endure, how it affects our personal growth and despite that trauma, from where we must muster the courage and hope to not only survive but THRIVE.   This legacy exposes our natural instinct to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of the greater mission, The revolution, The movement etc… But in today’s world of black genocide masked as “police brutality in a post-racial society”  we have been given (or have demanded) a unique opportunity to examine how effective this sacrifice really is and at what cost.  is it reciprocal? is it credited? is it in vain? is it worth it? what about us? what about our mental health? what about our LGBTQ community? and from these and many more questions birth the several movements of black womanhood identity that we see today, predominantly the “Black Women Matter” movement.   In attempts to respond to injustice and numerous other threats to our livelihoods we sometimes lose ourselves, lose... read more
Bridging The Gap

Bridging The Gap

BLM’s Flora-Morena Catches up with Les Nubians at the 3rd Annual Afro-Latino Festival of NYC 2015 and talks connecting African Continent with African Diaspora through the arts. When one thinks of Latin America and the Caribbean one thinks of various elements of culture. The richness in sound, scent and sight throughout the many cultures of the African diaspora are a direct result of the contributions of our African ancestors whom are often discredited. The mission of reclaiming the accreditation and showcasing all that Africans have produced and contributed throughout the Americas and the world has become a movement in itself. One of the most imperative elements in rebuilding our global community is bridging the gap between the continent and the diaspora by re-educating the world of the lost and stolen pieces of our history. This year the United Nations declared 2015- 2025 the Decade for people of African descent inspiring thousands of celebrations globally, The Afro-Latino Festival of NYC 2015 being one of them. The key ingredient to successfully presenting these missing elements is being able to do so in a manner which can transcend the hearts of all people. From food and adornment to  dance and Music, the greatest fuel to drive this cultural caravan to its destination of global recognition is the universal language of the Arts. The Afro-Latino Festival of NYC brought together all the elements of the community at large from activists, entrepreneurs, scholars and community leaders to local and international artists. Using said fuel to brew a special elixir of African excellency to display for the masses. The festival, now in it’s 3rd year... read more

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