It’s in your blood

Recently I met someone who unbeknownst to me was a Black Latino but only claimed to only be Black because the relationship they had with their Latino parent was tumultuous, therefore they did not associate themselves with the culture.

I thought what the heck does the culture and ethnicity have to do with the parent. Yes I understand it may be a constant reminder of that parent and whatever was wrong between them but how can you deny your genealogy. My great grandmother (the original black Latina in my family) use to say “el sangre sabes” meaning the blood knows. Referring to it being so embedded in your mind, body and soul that it would just come to you. You would automatically enjoy the food, dance to the rhythms and so on.

Now this isn’t the first time I have experienced this. I know of a few people that have denounced a race/ethnicity due to an experience with their parents and upbringing. But I can’t help but wonder if there was an opportunity for advancement at a career would they then accept the race/ethnicity selfishly for the betterment of themselves and take advantage of it to their convenience.

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